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Johnson Neil : Kirkland, WA | September 02, 2013

Huge Bonus - we feel fantastic!

Thanks very much. We feel fantastic - a huge bonus! Your treatments did a beautiful job, and helped us far beyond our expectations. We are extremely pleased all around. Thanks again. We really appreciate the high quality work.

Mr. and Mrs. Kinzie : Redmond, WA | June 08, 2013

We Feel GREAT!

Our family has been visiting this clinic for the past two years (since we moved to Seattle) and they've been really helpful on a lot of levels. They have helped the missus with her anxiety; when I started with them I wasn't sleeping well and had even had a few panic attacks. I'm now sleeping well and haven't had another panic attack.

Mark : Kenmore, WA | March 12, 2013

They take care of everything.

My family and I have been visiting this clinic for the past twenty years and will continue to do so. They are most helpful when the kids are sick, but not so sick you know they need an antibiotic. They are great for help with chronic unsolved issues that an MD cannot address.

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