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Practicing Homeopathy

There are many avenues by which a person can begin practicing homeopathy. The type of education you have, where you received your education, and the state in which you live are all factors that may affect your path towards practicing homeopathy. 

Licensure in Homeopathy

There is no diploma or certificate from any school or program recognized as a license to practice homeopathy some countries. Individual state laws and licensing boards regulate the practice of homeopathy and each state's laws and requirements for practice may be different. 

If you have questions about licensure requirements to practice homeopathy in a particular state, we recommend contacting the state directly to inquire about legality of practicing homeopathy. If you hold a license to practice any form of medicine, therapy, or treatment, first contact your state licensing board about the legality of you integrating homeopathy into your business. Some states consider homeopathy to be a medical specialty, meaning one must first obtain a license to practice traditional or natural medicine, then the individual may be allowed to integrate homeopathy into their practice if their state licensing board allows it. Some states might not have any definitive laws on the practice of homeopathy, but might have laws on the practice of "alternative" therapies by non-licensed practitioners. 



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