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Nutribody Analysis & Live Blood Cell Analysis

As you begin your homeopathic treatment the homeopath might decide that a nutritional and lifestyle assessment may be required. This may include a close look at your diet, lifestyle and other things within your environment. A Nutribody Analysis OR Live Blood Cell Analysis may also be required to gain insight into your nutritional imbalances and overall health status.

The Nutribody is a leading professional nutritional survey that is designed to assess bodily signs + symptoms which likely relate to nutritional imbalances and possibly the root cause of your health concerns.

Live Blood Cell Analysis (LBCA) provides a snapshot of your overall health, nutritional deficiencies and much more. Early signs of potential health concerns can be reflected in changes in your blood. This preventative tool will educate you on where to focus your nutritional efforts.

Nutritional inadequacies are extremely prevalent in today’s society and can be the cause of mental/emotional/physical problems or simply a lack of energy. Such inadequacies are also barriers in curing other medical concerns you may have. Although the Nutribody and LBCA is not intended to diagnose disease, these tools able to show individuals their own unique nutritional fingerprint. It also teaches individuals to listen to their body & to make the connections between symptoms and deficiencies and to point them in the right direction in finding solutions.  

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