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What can homeopathy [%var5%]? 

Many Numerous Lots of Several [%var12%] [%var13%] well to [%var16%] [%var17%] and homeopathy is [%var21%] preventative [%var23%] as it [%var26%] the [%var28%] [%var29%] and the [%var32%] s [%var34%] defences [%var36%] [%var37%]. It [%var40%] both [%var42%] and [%var44%] [%var45%] [%var46%] [%var47%] ones.

Homeopathy [%var51%] [%var52%] where [%var54%] [%var55%] of [%var57%] [%var58%] have [%var60%] or the [%var63%] [%var64%] [%var65%] [%var66%] [%var67%]. It [%var70%] be that there [%var74%] been no [%var77%] [%var78%] [%var79%] YOU [%var81%] you are not [%var85%] right.

Homeopathy has [%var90%] [%var91%] well [%var93%] to the [%var96%] of [%var98%] and [%var100%] and [%var102%] be [%var104%] [%var105%] in [%var107%]. It is [%var111%] [%var112%] in [%var114%] of [%var116%], [%var118%] and [%var120%]. 

Can homeopathy [%var124%] [%var125%] [%var126%] in [%var128%] ? 

Homeopathy [%var144%] [%var145%] [%var146%] [%var147%] [%var148%] [%var149%] in [%var151%] and [%var153%] [%var154%] be [%var156%] and [%var158%] [%var159%] to ADHD or ADD [%var164%] [%var165%] as long as [%var169%] [%var170%] are [%var172%]. It [%var175%] [%var176%] have [%var178%] [%var179%] [%var180%] with [%var182%] [%var183%] such as Asbergers and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. [%var191%] on [%var193%] these [%var195%] click [%var197%] to [%var199%] in [%var201%] ? 

Homeopathy is [%var206%] [%var207%] [%var208%] and is [%var211%] [%var212%] of [%var214%] [%var215%] [%var216%] [%var217%] when [%var219%] [%var220%] [%var221%] are [%var223%] [%var224%]. 

Can homeopathy [%var228%] [%var229%] [%var230%] such as [%var233%] and [%var235%] ? 

Yes. Homeopathy [%var240%] [%var241%] these [%var243%] [%var244%] [%var245%]. It is [%var249%] [%var250%] [%var251%] [%var252%] as [%var254%] to [%var256%] as it [%var259%] both [%var261%] and [%var263%] the [%var265%] [%var266%] as it [%var269%] the patient [%var272%] [%var273%] [%var274%] and [%var276%] [%var277%].

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